Thursday, March 27, 2014


Having lived in both Nunavut and Alberta, I'm used to running into stories about celebs spouting off against issues involving seal hunting and the oil sands.  Issues they aren't necessarily that educated about.  I'm not saying that such celebrities are necessarily stupid, but rather ignorant, in the sense that what they espouse is quite often mis-informed.  Which is why when I read about a group of Iqaluit residents starting a seal-fie campaign online, I was keen to show my support.

"Seal-fie" of course, is a play on "selfie" and involves a self-portrait wearing seal products.  This after talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres posted a photo of her at the Oscars with a number of celebs and made a donation in the order of $1.5 million to the Human Society of the United States based on the number of time he selfie was "re-tweeted."

The Inuit seal hunt is something I delved into many times on this blog so I won't re-hash everything here other than to say that I hope DeGeneres (and others of her ilk) are aware of stories like this. Having spent 6 years in Nunavut, I can easily vouch for the difficulty of maintaining a good diet in the face of food insecurity.....and I was single and drawing a government salary as well.

My sealskin kamiks......

Seal skin gloves (one of a few pairs I own, actually)....

Cat seal-fie?


Jan Morrison said...

Hi. The mad dash to kill a seal here in this part of Labrador is over as the sea ice is breaking up and those guys and gals are willing but not crazy. I have a blog about my northern experience and trying to find others. Looks like you are still attending to yours though you've moved down south.
my blog is

liberalandlovingit! said...

Thank you, way,way,up.

....all while wearing their softest Italian leathers, no doubt.

I love you, man-
in the 'good' way...