Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Stonewalling from Northland School Division

Re-published from my Fort McMurray blog because ineptitude should always be exposed.

It was a pretty stormy day here, which turned out to be rather appropriate I suppose.  After a long work day I received a response back from Northland School Division regarding the email I had sent them in recent days.  A reply from the Associate Superintendent, Don Tessier, no less.

Dear Mr. Steele

re: Housing Concerns

Further to your emails of June 30, 2012, July 11, 2012, and July 19, 2012, and following up on Dr. Barrett's e-mail to you of July, 14, 2012, the Division has reviewed its handline [sic] of the matters addressed in your e-mail.  Upon our review, it is our opinion that all matter were handled appropriately by the Division and its staff.

Please be advised that the Division will provide no further reply to your correspondence on these matters.

I found the last sentence of the letter particularly rich.  Only, they DID reply further, because you see, I called him, on his cell phone.  His response was rather dismissive...a review had been done and the board had acted appropriately.  When pressed to answer why the board didn't ensure the house I was assigned was decent PRIOR to moving in....?  It got a little fuzzy at that point.  Mr. Tessier told me he'd discuss it with me tomorrow.  Except, no.  As I pointed out, I don't have time to deal with mindless bureaucrats and play telephone tag with them.  It took over two years just to get this far in getting some answers.

I'll admit, things got a little heated.  But really.  Two years to get answers on why Northland School Division assigned me a house with so many issues.  Yes, they were fixed.  The sewage issue took a mere 6 weeks to be dealt with as I recall.  But still.  A review was done?  By who, exactly?  Northland School Division?  That's rich.  Of course an internal review by a public entity would prove itself blameless.  The man was rather vague.    I was pretty much told he didn't have to "put up with any crap from me"....his exact words.  Evidently, it never dawned on the man that, after what they have put me through, I'd be a bit steamed.  Who wouldn't be?  Rather than show some accountability the bureaucrat took the coward's way out and hung up on me.  Subsequent calls went unanswered.

Note to Mr. Tessier, I know the majority of people in the education profession are honest, hard-working people.  BUT you know how when there's a strike or job action of some sort and some say "those people don't deserve the money they make.  They are paid enough and besides, they don't really deserve it, anyway."?  Well, Mr. Tessier, its exactly scenarios like this that lead people to say that!