Wednesday, October 06, 2010


By now I'm sure it's painfully obvious that keeping up with this blog has become increasingly difficult do to time constraints and increasing family obligations. During the time of this blog, and indeed the entire time (6 years) I resided in Nunavut, I was blessed with many experiences, trials and tribulations. I was fortunate to see and experience a part of Canada that few people are able to. By Nunavut standards I am now a southerner of sorts, here in Fort McMurray, Alberta enjoying our first house with a loving fiancee and a growing (and busy) family.

I've said a lot and have had a lot said in return on this blog in the form of the many comments I've received over the years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some posts, written as much as two years ago, still generate commentary. Who knew? I've also had the odd interview and published article along the way.

In six years, I lived in a couple different communities and saw a good deal of Baffin Island, or at least as much as is possible to see from a plane, a snowmobile or a pair of size 10 Sorels. I witnessed some fantastic views, ate some unique foods, went on the odd rant, jumped in the ocean and struck gold.

To finish off I'd like to thank and wish best wishes to everyone I encountered along my Nunavut journey. It was a fantastic 6 years of my life encompassing over half my professional career. I recall my first day, back in July 2003 as my jet was landing in Iqaluit. The aircraft had to declare a missed approach as circle around again for a second landing attempt. A someone who had flown quite a bit in many types of aircraft and flying conditions, I was a little taken aback. I remember asking myself just what I thought I was getting into. Six plus years years later, I can answer that question: I was about to embark on a most wonderful adventure full of unique and wonderful experience I have never regretted, and something I always look back upon with a good deal of pride.