Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wish I Was There

I know I'm a little late off the draw with this but as a former Windsorite I have to wish a hearty congratulations to the Windsor Spitfires on their back-to-back Memorial Cup wins (can you say DYNASTY?!) It's been a few years since I've been back to the Windsor area and this story makes me wish I was there for tomorrow's Canada Day parade (though I'm sure it will be a good show here in Fort McMurray).

The Stanley Cup and the Memorial Cup together for the first time in the same parade is pretty cool you have to admit. Plus, it wasn't won by Detroit for a nice change. (I have to admit I never really liked the team, plus, all the media coverage coming from across the Detroit River did little to endear me to them.) I also like that Chicago coach (and former Windsor Spitfire coach) Joel Quenneville is a Windsor boy and that he happens to share his surname with a certain lovely fiancee of mine.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Congrats Robbie!

On a more uplifting note, it is with a great amount of pride that I congratulate Robbie Qammanirq on his recent graduation from Trent University. I never had the opportunity to meet Robbie while I lived in Arctic Bay but being such a small place I met plenty family members and friends and certainly heard much about the young man and the challenges he had to overcome. Coming from such a small place and adjusting to life in a large urban centre is no small barrier to overcome. Speaking from my own experience, after spending a decade in several small northern Canadian communities, adjusting to a new life in a city of 80, 000+ was trying at times. I can only imagine what it would be like for someone who has spent their entire life in a small place.

And I'm sure there will be plenty of idiots out there who will seize on this event simply to bash the North, education policy, the fact their underwear is on too tight and what have you. The simple truth is that relocating 2000 miles to attain a university degree is damn hard and Robbie should be commended for his grit and determination.

For more media coverage you can find the Nunatsiaq News article here and a story from CHEX Newswatch here. A big thank you to Nunavut MLA Ron Elliott and fellow Alberta/Nunavut blogger Bonnieupnorth for bringing this story to my attention.