Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh My God! Who's In Charge?

My apologies for being woefully behind on my posts. There are a few issues I had been hoping to blog about but I've been distracted with a new house purchase and my stepson has had one doozy of a fever this weekend but one seemingly endless political drama caught my attention so here goes.

With a population of something like 32 000 people one could be forgiven for thinking not much goes on there politically. There are many issues though that deserve the attention of all Canadians let alone Nunavummiut...Arctic Sovereignty, North West Passage issues, resource and mineral development, the seal hunt, and climate change concerns spring to mind. It's easy to think that politics must be pretty boring. I've been out of the loop for a few months now, being out in Alberta, but I recall that after the last Nunavut election (for which I was present and eligible to vote in) there was a lot of tension between former Premier, Paul Okalik and incoming Premier, Eva Aariak. Every time I read a political story it seemed Okalik wasted no breath or opportunity to criticize Aareak in the Legislature.

I was hopeful that the former Premier (and it always gives me great pleasure to refer to Okalik as the "former" Premier) would come to his senses and get on with the task of working with his fellow MLA's to tackle the many issues the territory. Sadly, it seems Okalik would rather continue to grind political axes for the sake of scoring cheap political points. The whole tirade smacks of sour grapes. Not allowing a member to continue their statement is simply classless.

Among the many burrs lodged up his posterior, Okalik was concerned that no one was apparently in charge of the territory while Aareak was off attending the Olympic Games. I'm not aware of any law that a leader of any province or territory in Canada losses their authority once away from their home jurisdictions. According to Okalik, if you're a Premier of Nunavut and happen to fly out for a stint, you "leave your authority to make legal decisions for the territory at the border." HUH?? Now, perhaps the former Premier was just confused because to me this makes no sense. And even if what he said is true, the question remains "why is this even important? who cares?" Okalik's "concern" sounds like something that might be brought up in some tin pot African dictatorship. Oh look, the leader is away. Someone needs to be in charge. Hey, that someone should be me." Sadly, I a have few doubts that thoughts similar to this actually went through the man's brain.

Honest to God, it's silly garbage like this that cheapens politics even more than it already is. Grow up "former Premier." Your grandstanding is childish and idiotic to say the least. Frankly, much of what you're saying is illogical and makes no sense. Its sad that someone making such uneducated statements like this ever rose to the position of power you did.

So congratulations! You got your little hissy fit in and made some headlines. Now, could you kindly pull your head out of your ass and at least attempt to do your job?


Melodie said...

Yes, that sounds like a big baby. Wow, I hope the present premier is doing a better job!