Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Quiet Place

View from Uluksan Point, July 2008

I've been lucky in that most places I've worked around the North had their share of great views. Places that drew me to them. Places I could go to be inspired. Quiet places where I could head to when necessary to relax, reflect and recharge. In Fort Smith, that place was the boardwalk overlooking the pelicans below the rapids of the Slave River. In South Indian Lake, it was the lake of course, where I would gaze up at some fantastic Northern Lights. In La Loche it was a quiet patch of shoreline behind the elementary school where I would watch glorious sunsets across the lake. In Qikiqtarjuaq, it was a large inuksuk, on a small granite knoll behind the Northern Store where, on clear summer days, I could see for great distances over much of the island. In Arctic Bay, there were many places. King George provided some awesome views, though of course getting up there required a little bit of work, which often defeated the purpose of relaxation. While I've posted many many pictures of King George V Mountain over the time I worked in Arctic Bay, an easier, and just as enjoyable place to head to for its calming effect (and some nice views too, I should add) was Uluksan Point. Here on a warm summer or fall day, I could sit in among the rocks, soak up the heat, enjoy great views of the mountain and ponder the remains of the qarmait (traditional houses) to be found there.

Ah, those dreamy days.


Clare said...

One of my favourite places as well Darcy. Its a good choice.