Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Let The Guy Compete Already!

It never ceases to amaze me the little amount of respect that PETA and other anti-activists hold for their fellow human beings. Witness the tale of American figure skater Johnny Weir. He originally planned to stay in a Vancouver hotel during the Olympics but elected instead to stay in the athlete's village due to fears of threats from animal rights' activist groups like PETA and Friends of Animals. Weir's sin is that his flamboyant costumes involve animal fur, typically fox fur.

To PETA, and all the other protest groups, I say grow a brain! Keep your anti-establishment, anti-poverty, anti-RCMP, anti-fur, anti-colonial, anti-IMF, anti-World Bank, anti-G8, anti-conservative, anti-liberal garbage out of OUR Olympics. Funny how these activists make the case that nothing would ever get accomplished if you always listened to the naysayers. How pathetic that they don't extend this to a figure skater who simply choses to have his own unique style.


Melodie said...

Yup. There are always those 'activists' out there to 'try' to ruin a good thing for others. Take for example yesterday (or was it the day before...?) Anyways, these 'activists' that some how find something wrong with the spirit of the olympics felt the need to smash windows of shops on George St. Um...ok:(.

It's sad. I wish that this skater could be left in peace and quiet to chose the outfits he so wishes to wear.

Well maybe one day these morons will have to take responsibility for their day...

Way Way Up said...

Here's hoping....but I won't hold my breath.

I have no qualms about staging a legitimate protest but if the only purpose is to use the Olympics simply to gain media exposure or to smash out the windows of of the small businessman who is simply trying to provide for the family then that is something else entirely.