Saturday, February 06, 2010


When I was a kid I was taught that when someone offers you something, particularly food, it's only good manners to accept it. It's a lesson I've taken with me for the past 35 years and its served me well no matter where I've traveled be it North Rustico, PEI, Fort Smith, NT, Gyor, Hungary or Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic (pick any strudel in any restaurant.....I promise you won't be disappointed.) Unfortunately, a few European finance ministers left their manners at home and boycotted the feast ending the G7 ministers meeting in Iqaluit. Apparently, the feast featured many traditional foods, including seal. I guess for these ministers, politics trumps politeness. Very sad.

I wonder what went through some of their heads when the reporter mentioned in the CBC story asked them if they had learned anything about the importance of seals to Inuit culture during their stay. I wonder if the French Minister thought for a second about all the force fed geese back in his country. I wonder if the German Minister thought for a second about the boar hunt in his country. I wonder if the British Minister thought for even a second about all sheep in his country, turned into delicious mutton steaks every year. Given the tendency for Italian politicians to become entwined in sexual scandal, I don't even WANT to think what was going through the Italian Minister's mind. (Hopefully nothing to do with animals.)

Ok, guys. I get it. I really do. You cling to this silly self-righteous attitude. But don't pretend that some sort of silly exemption when it comes to your EU ban is going to make any difference. You can be ignorant all you want. But don't lie.


Anonymous said...

Well said ... "When in Rome" ...

firemama said...

Interesting... when I was travelling through Italy I saw butchers that specialized in horse meat. no joke.