Saturday, January 30, 2010

A PETA Moron Gets Her Due

When I read Townie Bastard's post suggesting PETA members needed to be given a taste of their own medicine when it comes to the whole "pie in the face" silliness, I admit I couldn't stop laughing. Really, if you are going to pie a Cabinet Minister, an East Coast Minister, you aren't going to make many friends in the Maritimes, regardless of your politics I would think. Pieing the President of PETA is on my life "to do" list. But I guess I'll take the pieing of some random PETA idiot for starters. I'm happy someone picked up on the idea of returning the favor to these wingnuts and followed through with it.

Emily Lavender, the pied protester in the CBC story, fits the description of the typical PETA nut job. She's young, idealistic and obviously clueless about the importance of the sealing industry to Newfoundland and the Maritimes. Really, if you're going to go and protest the seal hunt in downtown St. John's you're quite obviously lacking for brain cells. And she's from Vancouver too. Are you kidding me? Vancouver was recently ranked as the most expensive city on the planet to live in terms of housing costs. Why don't you go protest that instead, sweet heart?! My guess is that this MENSA genius got on a short bus intending to go off to some Olympic protest and wound up taking the wrong bus to St. John's instead.

Yes, I know I shouldn't stoop to her level and sure, this story has no doubt given her group media exposure they don't really need or deserve, but damn, it just feels nice to FINALLY see one of these loud mouthed imbeciles get their just this case pie.