Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No Biggie

I had two posts lined up for this evening depending on the outcome of the hockey game. I was hoping the following post wouldn't see the light of day but it is what it is.

I have a simple theory why Canada's Junior squad didn't win the gold this time round -- I didn't watch the game. The last 5 years I've watched the tournament pretty much in its entirety and the Canadians wound up coming out on top. (A couple years I really had to rush to get to my hotel in Iqaluit before the start of the game.....it wasn't pretty but somehow I managed to pull it off.) Okay, I know its a little more complicated than that but like I said, its just a theory. As my roommate and I discussed last year, 5 golds in a row is a fantastic accomplishment. There is always great pressure on each succeeding team to keep the streak going. Unfortunately, a time will come when they will lose. It sucks but that's just the way it goes. Hopefully the country doesn't go into a state of mourning over the lose.....really, there's no need to. Let's face it - since 1977, the U.S has won gold twice. Sure, both times they beat Canada to do it, but big deal. Canada has 15 gold medals and has won something like 25 medals in total...the US has 6 medals by my count. A U.S. victory will give the tournament a good boost in the American media, just in time for next year's tourney in Buffalo.

I should also add to that its refreshing to see that the so-called experts were way off when it came to who would finish where. No Canada- Sweden-Russia finish as predicted. A little shake up once in awhile is a good thing for the sport. And, hats off to Switzerland for beating Team Russia. Who would have thought? No friendly barbs to my Aunt Janice over in Switzerland this year. Beating a super power like the Russians gets my respect.