Friday, December 11, 2009

Inuit Hopeful For Green House Gas Exemption

I read this story yesterday about Inuit wanting an exemption for the Circumpolar World when it comes to cuts to greenhouse gases and wondered why the big kerfuffle. It's not like there are tons of factories and heavily polluting industries up there as there are in other parts of the world.


Allmycke said...

So what's your take on it?
I'm willing to go along with their claims since the combined native populations in the Circumpolar area is comparatively small.
I would, however, want to never again see snowmobiles left on the ice to sink and be dragged away by currents "because if we loose them, we get new ones from the government." This said by an Inuit in Inuvik back in the mid 80's. Maybe things have changed since then...

Clare said...

Part of the kefuffle I suppose is that while we don't have a lot of factories etc in Nunavut, we do leave a pretty big Carbon footprint for the amount of people we have.

Electricity is produced solely by diesel generating. We have a lot of small engine's (ATV's, Snowmobiles, and boat motors) that are notoriously not very clean in terms of emissions, and its cold and dark a lot, so all those engines/generators run a lot.

We're also on the forefront of the effects of climate change here, and perhaps should be doing more to mitigate the problem on the front line.

Another part of the arguement is most people (and I'll include myself in that) want some sort of exemption rather than a life change. I like my truck, and while I like lights/TVs/computers etc, and dislike that it is generated by diesel, I'm not prepared to cut back or pony up for alternative energy.

As much as carbon offsetting is better than nothing being done, it is typical of our wanting to keep our lifestyle and pay others to cut theirs so we don't have to.

Way Way Up said...

A good point Clare that I wish I had raised in my inital post...blogging while keeping tabs on a fast-moving toddler tends to derail my train of thought at times. Part of what rankles me at times is the notion that we have wealthy countries who exploit, pollute and dominate the world stage to build up their wealth and then turn around and act all high and mighty and lecture the "have not" nations or parts of the planet when they try to gain some sort of economic wealth too....if this makes any sense.