Monday, November 02, 2009

Taking On The European Union

Coming as it does on the heels of my last post, I was pleased to read that Canada is challenging the European Union's seal ban at the World Trade Organization. If the Europeans were really that clued in to the Arctic, its people and its wildlife as they think they are then they would surely realize that A) seals are, if not the most, than certainly one of the most, numerous animals north of the Arctic Circle and B) proposed exemptions for Inuit subsistence hunting are meaningless and a complete joke. Honestly, can they name a single Arctic species that the Inuit have hunted to extinction?

Norway is both a European nation and a circumpolar nation and they purchase a large percentage of Canadian-harvested seal skins. Something in the order of 80% if I'm not mistaken. Frankly if I was an EU politician from France or Germany I would find this a tad embarrassing. Perhaps Norway understands something the French and Germans do not. So much for some sort of European solidarity. Please, stay in France and eat your pate de fois gras or stay in Germany and eat your wild boars. Do your bull-fighting in Spain and stick to your English fox hunts. Don't continue in the fiction that THOSE little activities long longer exist in your countries while taking shots at ours. Hypocrites!


Anonymous said...

Since you so vehemently defend Nunavut to the point that you have given up European travel and feel the need to have a blog dedicated wholly to ranting about any perceived slights against it, why did you leave? How could they let their best defender go? No job? Maybe school adminsitrators in nunavut see your very public rage as the sign of an unbalanced personality. Oh yeah, you left to raise somebody else's kids on a reservation in Northern Alberta. That ought to work out well.

Way Way Up said...

Ouch! First, if you really must know, I left Nunavut for love. If you took the time to read my blog rather than just posting a drive-by comment you would know that I couldn't remain in Nunavut because there was no housing available to my family's needs.

Second, I take personal attacks as a sign of someone who has no real argument to make so they simply fall back on personal attacks...classy.

Also, if you're going to make attacks and accusations, at least have the common decency to identify yourself. Comments about my girlfiend and kids....very low ball.

...and lastly, I'm not on a Reserve. Since you so obviously follow every detail of my life and want to know everything about me, I'll tell you that you have to turn right before you hit the Reserve.