Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Wow! An Exemption!

So the EU wants to ban Canadian seal products effective August 2010. Oh, but don't worry. They'll make an exemption for indigenous hunters. Yeah, that will work. And its not just now that seal pelts are going unsold. I remember full well hearing from members of Arctic Bay's Hunter's and Trappers Organization last year that there were similar problems at the Fur Harvesters auction. I wish I could say that if the European nanny-state wishes to dictate to its own people which products they should or shouldn't have access to then that is their right. But I can't. Simply put, what they are doing is ILLEGAL.

And please don't persist in this fiction that some sort of feel good exemption is going to make an ounce of difference to seal hunters in Nunavut. It won't. Given that this is Remembrance Day, I find this move especially annoying. Give me a break France. Canadians, including many Aboriginal Canadians fought for you guys to bail you out......twice. And to the thoughtless jerk who left me a comment a few months back comparing Inuit culture to Nazism, hey even some French collaborated with the Nazis. Guess it takes one to know one, huh?

A few days ago I watched a show on tv in which Bordeaux wine producers were whining about increased international competition and the accompanying drop in sales. Bordeaux is know the world over. Imagine if a number of countries unilaterally decided to stop buying your wine. Not that they'd be missing much. Personally, I'd much rather settle down with a nice big red from Chile, the US or Australia. (Australian Cab. Sauvignon is especially nice for a steak dinner after which you plan to propose I should add.)

Sorry for the mini-rant. Back to the original topic. The hunt is sustainable. Period. It is an activity that has been taking place for several centuries. The seals are not going to simply disappear. Seals are not all cute and fuzzy. Actually, I find their smell a tad nauseous. The EU likes to think it is some sort of Arctic entity yet they show through their actions that they are completely ignorant of northern realities. I would challenge any of these so-called politicians who are so concerned about the stability of the hunt to name one species the Inuit have hunted to extinction. Just one.

An exemption for the indigenous hunt? Whoopee!!


Bryan and Vikki said...

thank you for keeping this seal hunt in peoples minds. Canadians should be doing everything they can to support the seal hunt and buy seal products.

Way Way Up said...

I suppose I do what I can in my own little way. If more people were aware about all the silly rules imposed on food imports by the EU that result in tons of food being needlessly disposed of while people around the world starve, I'm sure the pressure put on the EU to reverse course would cause their politicians to realize just how full of hypocritically merde they truly are.