Friday, November 20, 2009

Kugluktuk Grizzlies, The Movie?

I was actually looking for some information on another topic I was going to blog about when I came across this interesting little article from Maclean's Magazine. I don't have a subscription to it but I do hope to get a hard copy of it so I can read up some more on the aforementioned story. I've never been to the community of Kugluktuk although I did once work with a colleague who had spent some time there. (Plus, I "know" a blogger that used to live there too. Hi Kara!) Having taught in Nunavut for a few years, I've heard some great things about the Kugluktuk Grizzlies, their activities and goals. I've lost count of the number of times I opened a newspaper to read about one of their sports teams winning a medal at an indoor soccer or basketball tournament. I had the privilege to meet a few Kugluktuk students a couple years ago at a badminton tournament in Rankin Inlet and they were a great group of kids to chat with. So sure, I'm biased as hell, but I like to think a movie would be a fantastic idea. Nunavut-based movies aren't as far-fetched as you might think with Inuit-owned Isuma Productions award-winning films in recent years.

Go Grizzlies, Go!