Sunday, November 01, 2009

Apparently, EU Politicians Failed Geography Class

I'm sorry, but when I read this little article I just had to laugh. "The EU is an Arctic entity." This according to EU rep. Fernando Garces. Presumably, this guy is from either Spain or know, those little European Arctic countries on the Iberian Peninsula. Austria..I've been through it, not Arctic. Ditto Belgium and Czech Republic. Italy and Greece? Definitely more Mediterranean than Arctic. Hungary...been there. In case European leaders are unaware, its a completely land-locked country...and no where near the Arctic or its waters. The EU IS NOT an Arctic entity, although they are very good at trying to weasel in and dictate to Northerners here in this country with all their ill-thought-out bans on everything from seal to polar bear products.

Let's see here....the European Union, as of 2007, has 27 member nations. And exactly how many of them could be termed "Arctic Nations"? Well, if you consider the circumpolar world as the land lying North of the 60th degree of latitude, then, sorry Europe, only two member nations meet this criteria: Sweden and Finland. And even then, both of these nations have territory lying south of 60 degrees North. I suppose I could include Denmark as the territory of Greenland most certainly can be classified as "Arctic", but Greenland withdrew from the organization in 1985. So much for solidarity.

The simple truth is that since the countries of Europe first became aware of the Arctic, their interests have been dictated by profit, exploitation and greed rather than any real altruistic tendencies. When it comes to the Canadian Arctic in particular, the EU's policies have shown nothing more than ignorance, selfishness and dare I say, outright racism. While Canada is far from perfect when it comes to our own portion of the Arctic, I like to think we have a better understanding than some politician from Slovakia or Malta.

I'm really sorry, EU. but if you really truly believe you are some some sort of Arctic entity, you need to go back to your high school geography classes.


Anonymous said...

If you're taking 60 degrees North as the boundary of the Artic, then Denmark qualifies due to the Faroe Islands and the UK qualifies due to the Shetland Islands.

Way Way Up said...

True, but I still think the EU's claim is rather tenuous if it is based on the location of 2 small island groups. I find their assertion as some sort of Arctic power laughable at best.