Friday, November 27, 2009

And On And On It Goes....

Thirteen months ago, Nunavut held its 3rd territorial election. This was the second of two territorial elections I was present for. I got a sense during the campaign that Nunavummiut were few up with the status quo and silliness of the actions of some of the old crop of MLA's and were hankering for change. Quite a few of the contenders seemed to make the concept of change a part of their campaign runs. Indeed, 10 of the 15 seats for which elections were held were won by first-time MLA's. People were hopeful. Change seemed to be in the air.

And for awhile, things seemed to be going better. A new crop of MLA's a new Cabinet and a new Premier. Then there is a news item involving former Premier (and current MLA) Paul Okalik violating the Integrity Act by soliciting donations from deputy ministers during the 2008 campaign. According to the Nunatsiaq News article on this same story, Okalik doesn't care. Then two stories of problems with alcohol, the first involving the Member from Baker Lake and the second involving the Member from Pangnirtung. At least Komoartak had sense enough to address the Assembly over his actions and express regret. But still....I was hopeful a corner had been turned, that integrity and trust would soon be restored. Sadly, this current crop of MLA's seems to be reverting back to old ways.

And don't even get me going on the current MLA from Pond Inlet James Arvaluk,who was forced to resign his seat twice in the past (1995 and 2003) due to criminal charges and spent time in jail. Yes, as a former teacher in the Nunavut education system, it gave me such a great feeling to know that the guy at the top of the education hierarchy, my ultimate "boss" beat his girlfriend giving her nerve damage and was incarcerated for 9 months.