Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...I Smell A Photo Op

While I was out for lunch with the family, I happened upon a copy of the Edmonton Sun with a story about Pamela Anderson flapping her gums, and other assets, over the seal hunt. I considered blogging about the article but didn't have an online version of the story until a cousin of mine passed one along to me via Facebook this afternoon.

I mean honestly, does anyone believe this bimbo has anything productive to say? Note to Pamela Anderson....clue're the embarrassment to Canada. You support an organization that claims it has nothing against subsistence hunting in the North but the very actions that people like this support are hampering good people from making a living. If you really cared about Canada, you would care about all Canadians....not just the rich turds that live in Hollywood or Vancouver.

Yoo hoo, Pamela, clue in.