Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Much To Be Done

Shortly after Nunavut's last territorial election (roughly a year ago), the new Premier, Eva Aariak, promised a review of how the government was serving (or not serving) Nunavummiut. Unfortunately, I left the territory before this report was released but came across this Globe and Mail article this afternoon.
As Townie Bastard mentions, ignore the comments section of the Globe article. I always find the comments section tells you more about the ignorance of the person making the comment than it does about the actual issues involved. I won't comment much other than to say that Education, Employment, Housing and Mental Health services should be priorities. Cutting down on government sloth and largesse would also be nice. It took a ridiculous amount of time before the Education Department was able to fulfill a request to forward some work-related information I needed on to my new employer in Alberta.

For those with a political bent, you can read through the report's recommendations here.


Megan said...

Hey, there's a whole section about communications!

I am guessing, though I can't be sure, that the GN has purposely set up its operations to run inefficiently. I admire their dedication to decentralization, but I think they didn't really think through the implications of their decisions.

Way Way Up said...

The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.