Monday, October 12, 2009

I Think I'll Have The Chicken

Combing the internet for some northern news, I came across this story of a turkey I'd rather not bite into. I'd like to think that this news item is something quirky - the kind that falls under the category of "weird news". Having spent 4 years in Arctic Bay, the community mentioned in this story, I can vouch that, sadly, this is a reality when it comes to the costs of food prices. The outlandish costs of food are something that I've blogged out before.

As suspected, Stage Left also picked up on the story.

For anyone thinking "boo hoo, those little northern places aren't sustainable anyway so really, they shouldn't get all up in arms over this", I would simply ask this - Are larger communities any more sustainable? How much money did government hand out when major corporations and banks failed as the economy bottomed out over the past year? Something tells me that this amount pales in comparison to the money Northern communities receive.

In the end, what this really boils down to, is not a question of sustainability, but rather a question of social justice. I hope politicians of all stripes bear this in mind as they sit down to a nice (presumably much less expensive) turkey dinner this evening.


Brad B. said...

Thanks for a great post on this subject. I was wishing someone would confirm that the turkey story was in fact a reality and not a mistake on the part of the Northmart. I just moved up to Rankin in August and still am shocked at the food prices, considering that the stores get foodmail rates for shipping fresh goods in. Have you moved to Alberta now?

Take care and happy thanksgiving!


Way Way Up said...

Hi Brad. I no longer live in Arctic Bay. I left for Alberta back in August. I did live in Nunavut for 6 years however and I've spent my entire career in the North so I've seen enough of high prices to believe that there is something more at play here than just a "pricing error".

Curtis Groom said...

Hey, Hows life? Just read this article. when I first heard of this story it was from one of my customers who asked me how much my Turkeys were by KG, I told them and they were suprised. They told me that on the APT news last night they announced we were selling turkeys at $8.99/kg. That wasn't within $3.00 of the actual price of my birds (my turkeys were over $3.00 less). No one ever called me about the price of my birds, as far as we can tell they spoke to no one in town. So as ususal, when it comes to info regarding the north, sometimes its easier to make it up rather than actually fact check.