Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bomb Threat

I'd be interested in hearing back from any Iqaluit bloggers after catching wind of bomb threat at a city hotel. The story caught my attention for two reasons. First, this is the first time I've heard of a situation quite like this. I could be wrong since I never lived in Iqaluit during my time in Nunavut, although I went through the place many times of course. I'd like to think that a story like this is simply something you file under the category of "weird news" rather than something more sinister. Someone's stupid prank I'm sure. To my knowledge, Iqaluit doesn't get that many bomb threats over the course of a year. I recall an incident a few years back where the high school was evacuated after some twit started a small fire in a bathroom stall.

The second reason the story caught my attention is that I stayed at this very hotel several times since it was built when over-nighting in Iqaluit. I'll keep my nose to the ground and see if anything else happens with this story. Likely just someone with too much free time on their hand. A bomb threat in Iqaluit is like a bomb threat against the bridge in Campbellford, Ontario where I grew up - it catches your attention but the odds of it being anything more than a threat are quite small.