Saturday, October 17, 2009

Animal Rights Activist....Yeesh

You know, I truly don't get the logic of some people. Long time readers of this blog will know I am no friend of animal rights militants. This post doesn't change this. Hunting polar bears is wrong according to these people. BUT within 10 years, the Arctic will be ice free. Seems to me the bigger threat isn't hunting but habitat loss. But they want to end the polar bear trade, and by extension, polar bear hunting. Makes perfect sense to me.

I seriously doubt the polar bear population will be gone in a decade. In fact, there are many elders and much traditional knowledge to support the argument that populations are stable. A ban makes no sense. I've mentioned in the past how these bans only serve to devastate the economies of small Arctic communities. For the people who whine about Nunavut (or any other small community with a predominantly subsistence economy) being unsustainable, keep this in mind if you support these animal rights activists. Hey, it's okay to take a side. Just try to be consistent in your logic.