Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow! The Government Moves

After a lot of talk it's nice to see the government taking steps to include the North within the rest of Canada. The formation of a Northern reserve unit may be a small step, but one that is, in my opinion long overdue.

Having a Northern reserve unit is just plain common sense. Canada is a huge chunk of territory so it helps to have "men in the field" so to speak. It also, in a small way, integrates the North into the rest of Canada. It helps make the North equal partners with Canada. It's only a small part of a plan but a plan that has been sorely lacking for sometime.

News flash: The North was militarized long ago. Just look up the building of the Alaska highway or the construction of the DEW Line. The new unit will help support and gain knowledge from the Canadian Rangers, provide support for northern cadet corps, boost our search and rescue capabilities, aid with emergency disaster relief and many other things. Yes, it's only 100 soldier we're talking about here, a mere drop in the bucket compared to what other circumpolar nations like Norway and Russia have in their Northern regions. But it's a start.


UnkleB said...

Here you go.......

IQALUIT — Prime Minister Stephen Harper got a lesson in Nunavut political landmines after he downed his first helping of seal meat and his office inadvertently referred to people with unwiped bottoms instead of Nunavut’s capital. A slip of the keyboard led the prime minister’s office to issue press releases Monday referring to Nunavut’s capital as Iqualuit — rather than Iqaluit. In Inuktitut, Iqaluit means “many fishes.” Refer to Iqualuit, however, and local residents turn red, giggle and point out that it is a derogatory term that means “people with unwiped bums.” Press releases issued Tuesday spelled the name correctly. The political landmines continued Tuesday when Harper decided to taste a local delicacy — seal meat. Eating seal meat became a political statement earlier this year when Governor General Michaelle Jean made headlines around the world after eating the heart of a freshly killed seal. Harper appeared reluctant to go as far as Jean and try his first taste of seal in front of reporters with cameras rolling. Instead, Harper and a handful of cabinet members posed for a picture taken by his staff photographer and later released to the media. Noticeably absent from the photo was Transport Minister John Baird, a confirmed vegetarian. Officials said Harper really enjoyed eating seal meat and is looking forward to having it again. Harper may not be the only person to taste seal meat for the first time before his trip is over, said one official. “The Prime Minister wants members of the press to have a chance to experience seal before they leave.” elizabeth.thompson@sunmedia.ca