Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Asking

Not to stir the pot or anything (you know I'm not one to do that) but I'm just curious here. I wonder why I didn't see any animal rights protesters the other day when I visited the Brockville Rib Fest*. They sure had a lot of ribs on the go. You could get them from quite a few vendors cooked over wood or charcoal and with many different sauces. My girlfriend and I got to wondering how many pigs met their end in order to satisfy demand. I'm sure it had to be quite a few judging by how long we had to wait in line to place our order. Yet, not one protester to be seen.

Meanwhile, during my time in Nunavut, my neighbors and many local acquaintances sustainably harvested a few seals every week and the animal rights' activists go bazurk. I don't get it. Surely pigs are just a cute and cuddly as seals. I mean really, come on now.

*For the record, it was my first time at Brockville's Rib Fest and I highly recommend this annual event to the serious rib connoisseur. It's definitely worth the long line ups.


Neverbeen2NYC said...

Sounds like fun. Mmmm ribs.

I agree with you. I don't see the harm in hunting a few seals. The key word is sustainably.