Thursday, August 06, 2009


Normally when I accept a teaching position in a new community I head to the internet to dig up any bit of information I can find. This was particularly important this time around since I will not be moving to alone and we will have children of our own in the school system. So far, my findings have been a bit thin but I've been in situations like this before. Chard is a tiny community of around 400 and most searches I've done have led me to pictures of a green leafy plant. Apparently, chard is some type of vegetable. (Red stems AND yellow stems.....mmm...looks tasty.)

After 9 years of teaching in small, northern communities I like to think I do a pretty good job at getting a good feel for a place. I have a realistic view of what things are like "on the ground" and for the most part, I've managed to avoid unexpected surprises. Anyhow, all this is just a long-winded way of saying that for anyone interested in where we are heading, I've found some helpful information about my new school, Father R. Perin School, on the school board's web site. Since Chard/Janvier doesn't have a Wikipedia page yet (sigh), a little more information about my new community can be found here.

For anyone wondering (since I've been asked a couple times already), Father R. Perin School is not a Catholic school though the name suggests it. It's a public school although interestingly, it is named for a Catholic minister.


Scott said...

Hello darcy; Just trying to catch up with you, we have some mail for you that arrived at the house. Do you want us too open it? Please Advise. I tried to call on the phone but can't get through. Call or e-mail , I can be reached at if you need to e-mail me. Take care and we will talk too you soon, Love Scott.