Monday, July 13, 2009

Worse Than A Little Old Lady!

Now that my packing is pretty much finished I can't help but roll my eyes and chuckle to myself at seeing just how much "stuff" I'll be sending off which I started this afternoon. I've decided (quite wisely as it's turned out) to spread my shipping out over a couple of days in order to lessen the credit card pain. And this is after I sold my television, living room carpet, assorted odds and ends and much of what was left from my August sea lift. After poking away at it for the past few days I've amassed 23 cardboard boxes (a great deal containing my library of books and roughly 1000 CD's), 19 plastic bins, 1 suitcase, 1 cardboard tube containing my wall hangings, my cross-country skis, one trumpet and one backpack. (I think someone really needs to explore the possibility of long-term storage.)

Now, as long as I remember to lift with my legs and not my back I should be just fine.


Kennie said...

uhmm holy sh*t! that is a lot of stuff! They are going to "love" you at the post office.

Way Way Up said...

I can certainly appreciate the simplicity of being able to pack all your stuff on a single qamutik as they did back in the day. I joked at the post office that if I lived up here 500 years ago I would never have survived lugging so much stuff around with me!

Jackie S. Quire said...

Pheuf! I was thinking I had a lot of stuff to move, but I'm only at the high 20s for my "moving stickers" and that includes some furniture.

Thanks for the reassurance... though I'm sure that wasn't your intent!

Way Way Up said...

Any time, Jackie. I've pretty much resigned myself to my fate. And it only gets more interesting once my significant other and I move the rest of the stuff from Ontario....but at least then the movers get to deal with it all.