Friday, July 17, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The title pretty much sums up events of the past couple days. I'm fast learning that moving out of Nunavut can be just as challenging as moving in to Nunavut. I've managed to get all of my boxes to the post office. I had to get them to the post office over the course of a couple days since the man who gave me a hand Monday had truck problems so I had to recruit a couple students to help me move the rest of my stuff on Wednesday. Monday's boxes were sent out with Wednesday's mail so I had a modicum of success. Things seemed to be moving along nicely. After that though, things started to go a little down hill. The little ticket machine at the post office decided to go kaput, meaning I've been unable to mail out my remaining boxes. Add to that that the Internet also decided to up and die a couple days ago so I've been unable to use my credit card to pay for the second round of boxes. Obviously, the Internet is now working, but the little ticket gadget at the post office was still kaput when I stopped by there this afternoon. So, I now have to wait until Monday and hope it's working. Add to this that my flight out is scheduled out for Tuesday and you can see the bind I find myself in.

If push comes to shove, I can always re-schedule my flight though I'll admit I'm getting quite anxious to get on my way. I can't keep re-scheduling my flight waiting for the problem at the post office to be fixed since I had scheduled my final check-out with Housing on Monday. (Not to mention I have to disconnect the phone, return my modem and close my water/sewage account at the Hamlet Office). The weather for Tuesday is looking a bit suspect at the moment so everything is quite up in the air. Sitting in an empty house the past couple days has been a bit trying but I'm managing. Did I mention I'm out of water too? Yikes! What is a fellow to do? I suppose I'm holding up pretty good, trying to be patient but I'd much rather be out of here as scheduled on Tuesday so I can start planning my move out West, which now seems as far off as ever. (I still have no idea when I'm expected to be there. My new employer sent me a package of information a couple weeks ago now, Priority Post, but of course being where I am, I haven't seen hide nor hair of it.)

I'm sure (I hope) I'll look back on this experience years from now and have a good chuckle and I'm doing my best not to let the events sour even further what has turned out to be a very trying and challenging year in many ways. In the end though, all I can really do is wait. There's a certain stoicism in my character I just have to reach deep down and grasp onto. In the end, I know things will work out. But man oh man what a ride!


Anonymous said...

Your on the home stretch Darcy! Just keep in mind what (& who) your moving to (& with) (LOL) & that should put a smile on your face! And for a breif moment forget about all the crap!!

See you soon

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Amber. Well at least the internet is working again so that's a start.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Crazy! Hope you are surviving!