Sunday, July 12, 2009


I find myself in a state of limbo at the moment...all packed up and nowhere to go. While the new position in Alberta comes with a housing unit I have yet to be assigned one. I was hoping to move my belongings from Nunavut directly to the new community rather than moving back to Ontario and then on Alberta. I emailed the HR at my new board asking when I might learn of my new mailing address and was told that housing is assigned by the school principal but the school is getting a new principal this coming school year and he has yet to arrive there. HR forwarded my email on to Housing who informed me that housing will be assigned once I get closer to my moving date. I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to nail down a moving date when I'm not sure where to send my stuff to. At least I've arranged for a man in town with a truck to help me move my stuff. He comes tomorrow. So I really hope I wake up tomorrow to see an email telling me the new address. At the moment, I've made up two sets of labels for my boxes - one with Lisa's address and the other for General Delivery to Janvier, Alberta. I'd rather not have to use the latter address yet until I know for sure where exactly I'm going. I've taught in Nunavut for 6 years. My reward for this is that I get no help from Qikiqtani School Operations and have to move myself.

I'm considering moving my belongings to Brockville as that would make it easier to move my effects and Lisa's from one location rather than two. I don't even know when my first work day is in Alberta other than it is sometime during the third week of August. So time is of the essence. I'm just leery of my belongings not arriving in Brockville in time before we have to head out from there as we plan to drive there to cut down on costs. That, plus we enjoy road trips.

I wouldn't describe myself as a control freak by any stretch of the imagination but the idea that I can't make firm plans because I have to rely on the actions (or inactions) of others, drives me around the bend at times. I recently saw a news item which mentioned that the Dominion Institute of Canada had given the province of Alberta a grade of "F" for the teaching of Canadian history. I would add geography to this as well as it appears that someone there has no concept of what is involved of moving out of a community in the High Arctic.

I'm sure everything will work out in the end. I am an optimist afterall. I just wish a few people would get the lead out so that I could get a move on and get out of this limbo-like situation with dancing unicorns and singing frogs in which I currently find myself.


cf said...

Actually a new (very Canada-centric) social 9 curriculum is supposedly getting fully rolled out in the 2010-2011 school year by Alberta Ed, and the new social 8 was out in 07-08 (and so on down) so that grade should improve. Unfortunately the only mention of anything remotely arctic is about 8/10 through the text, and in the form of a single map showing Inuit population in various Canadian cities. So I guess that'll have to wait. There's lots of sections involving aboriginals and metis though!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

So the new school is not helping you with moving? That honks the the big one. If I were you, I'd just send all your stuff to G.D and let it sit in the post office. :)

Way Way Up said...
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Way Way Up said...

Well they are giving me $1000....just a flat rate they give you regardless of where you are moving from. Not a big deal. Can't expect the taxpayer to ultimately foot the bill to move me around the country.

I did consider mailing all my stuff GD (its been known to happen before) and actually had a second set of labels made up. In the end though it just made more sense to send all my stuff to Ontario first and then move the family from there all together.