Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Final Flurry

My last day in Nunavut (this past Monday) was pretty crazy but I managed to get all my last running around done (you can relive my angst here and here if you wish)....and there was a lot to get done and yes a lot of running (at times literally). The workout went something like this - start one last load of laundry; go to Post Office at the Northern Store, little ticket maker thingy still broke so I can't mail the rest of my boxes...BUT it is being worked on; pick up mail...oh look the package from my new school board is here....yay! Oh bills came!; go to Housing Office to remind them of my checkout inspection that was supposed to be 2 hours earlier; am told they will be by "shortly"; go to Hamlet Office an close my water/sewage account; run home to wait for the Post Office to call to tell me I can get my stuff sent; open package from new board; freak out over all the paper work needing to be done; curse inability to get anything done; pace apartment; take a deep breath; finish up with laundry; go to RCMP for criminal record check for my new board....yay! something accomplished finally; go back to Hamlet Office to pay my last bill; go back to Housing office and simply sign a form to complete check out for my unit; reassured that a note will be sent to the Power Corp. to transfer power costs from myself back to Housing as of my check out date; run back home; Post Office calls; pray for a miracle; miracle answered; head down to Post Office to finish paying for the rest of my personal effects to be sent out; briefly consider setting it (my personal effects not the Post Office) alight considering all the grief its given me; exercise restraint; head home in a daze that I managed to get my stuff sent off and not have to re-schedule my flight out thereby condemning myself to a few more nights in an empty, foodless apartment.

...and for the record, I am pretty organized, even organized to a fault. Just trying to juggle so many balls and work with a bunch of different people simultaneously threw me for a loop at times and I sure much of my stress was self-imposed.

I recalled afterward that when I first moved to Nunavut from Saskatchewan I was in a similar situation, cutting it close and getting my stuff sent off and then hopping a small plane less than an hour later. Monday was deja-vu. So at least I'm consistent.