Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wrap Up

Things are winding down quickly here this week in terms of the school year. We've held various games, a garbage cleanup around the outside of the school, a scavenger hunt and a barbecue so far this week and report cards are due to be given out tomorrow afternoon. This afternoon we had our year-end award ceremony in the gym. It was also time to pay recognition to those staff members who will be leaving at the end of the school year and not returning. We have a number leaving this year. High staff turn over is something I've discussed in the past with all the myriad reasons. For the most part, this time around however, the majority of those who are heading on where those who were on 2 year contracts which have not been renewed in order to make way for the soon-to-be-graduating NTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program) Teachers. Their graduation ceremony will be this coming Monday if I recall correctly.

Some teachers will remain in Nunavut, heading off in all directions to other communities - Arviat, Kugluktuk and Sanikiluaq. Kendra, as she was already announced on her blog, will be heading to Yukon. Two other teachers will be heading to Ontario. Our current high school math/science teacher will take over the reins as the new principal in the coming school year. Three other teachers will also be staying on at the school.

So I guess that leaves little old me. Interviews are curious things and while I've written off a few places I had a couple interviews I felt were very strong but have yet to hear back a yay or nay so far. Such is the cut-throat world of the job application process. I've cast a pretty wide and varied net though so, like a patient fisherman, I know I'll land the big one eventually. And, for those curious about the future of my blog I will say that I fully intend to keep it up and running if at all possible regardless of where I eventually find myself.


Sarah said...

Hey there,
I used to teach high school science/math in Gjoa Haven and am now writing science curriculum for grade 11/12 thru Arviat.
I CONSTANTLY think about New Teacher Orientation and Retention, and saw your post a while back about wanting to create a good package for teachers - I wondered where you are with that?

I would like to set up a social networking site with resources, info,etc as I have just spent some time providing resources for friends who are heading north.
This has led to me thinking about what types of web resources do we have as new teachers in the circumpolar north.

In doing a preliminary search, I found that there is still very little available. Though I believe our association should be providing this, in the meantime, there are GOOD people who need GOOD resources that will support their first years in the north. Your blog, by the way, is a fantastic resource. I wish I had found it earlier.

I don't want to duplicate if there is already a good site up and running, but rather have a place where information, resources, blogs, are linked in a central site with the opportunity to exchange ideas, and dialogue.

Would you be interested in sharing your resources on new teacher orientation, or being linked to the site ? It is still in idea stage, though I have been looking at NING as being the interface for it. Any ideas or info that you and anyone has is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to reading more.
Have a great summer !

Way Way Up said...
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Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the kind words Sarah. Link away to my site if you wish. Any way I can help with information is fine by me. The only site I'm aware of at the moment with information in regard to teacher induction in the Baffin Region is through this site -

I haven't looked at it for some time now so I'm not sure how current/relevant the information is but certainly if anyone is interested in linking my site to a larger information resource I say by all means go right ahead.