Friday, June 19, 2009

Whack-a-PETA aka "I Got The Sucker"

A couple of fellow bloggers brought to my attention the recent story of Barack Obama killing a fly (on live television no less) and wondered if I might comment. Well, I hate to disappoint.

Sealers, hunters, trappers, furriers, leather workers, Inuit and Aboriginal groups who have harvested in a sustainable manner for generations!! Are you tired of animal rights' groups cramming their ideology down your throats? Fed up with uninformed, ignorant opinions? Sick of gross generalizations and distortion of facts? Do you just wish some people would buzz off??

Then rather than using one of PETA's inferior "humane" fly swatters, try our vastly superior "human" fly swatter....Yes the Whack-a-PETA. Our Whacka-a-PETA fly swatters quickly, yet gently, trap the offending protester so that you can release him or her back into the real world...the natural world...outside the urban bubble. Where food is not grown in a fancy garden or on a large farm, where meat is still attached to the animal and running around, where it actually dips well below room temperature and only fur will do, where wild animals actually hunt and kill their meals the way nature intended and where you actually see wildlife outside the confines of a zoo.

Yes, buy your very own Whack-a-PETA today! Order to day for the low low price of only $9.95 (in shades of orange, green, fuchsia, or blue...offer avoid north of the 56th parallel)** Plus, if you act now we will send a second Whack-a-PETA....absolutely free! Don't suffer through another season of annoying pests, order your Whack-a-PETA and whack some common sense into your pest problem TODAY!!!

*Generally, it is too cold above this latitude for these annoying pests to inhabit, plus First Air grossly overcharges for shipping anyway.

DISCLAIMER - While PETA members may have suffered brain injury, no bald white guys were injured during the creation of this blog post.


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