Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel Bonanza

This summer is turning our to be pretty busy travel-wise considering I'm not heading to Europe as I have the past couple summers. Tomorrow evening Lisa and I will be driving out to Prince Edward Island for a week to visit some of her relatives. A couple days after I get back I will be flying back up to Arctic Bay (stopping in Iqaluit, Hall Beach and Resolute along the way) in order to finish my packing and get my stuff shipped off to Chard. I'm hoping the government paper-pushers are quick (and that can be asking a lot) and things run as smoothly as possible since I won't have much time to dawdle before I have to get back down to Ontario to do some more packing with Lisa. Around the middle of August, we will leave Ontario and drive to Alberta to new employment and a new home. That's 7 provinces (plus one territory for yours truly) in less than two months.

Sounds simple enough.