Friday, June 19, 2009

Time To Fly

While you're reading this I am (hopefully) airborne somewhere over Baffin Island (hopefully strapped securely in to a plane a bit larger than the one pictured above) en route to Iqaluit and eventually Ottawa. I made an executive decision Wednesday to head off to see a special someone rather than wait by the phone for potential interviews. (I figure I can just as easily to a phone interview from Ontario as I can from my place here.) Having said this, though, I do have couple more set up in the coming days - one for a school in Alberta and a second for the middle school in Iqaluit.

My blog will quiet down somewhat though I plan to keep posting intermittently when I am able.

It will be a busy summer as I have a lot planned, not to mention a potential move to a place yet to be determined. But for now, I will enjoy and rejuvenate.