Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pure Ambrosia

For no particular reason, I awoke extra early yesterday morning. The sky was a stunning indigo and the wind of the previous had died down. It seemed the perfect day to head out and just enjoy the scenery, so that is what I did. I decided to head up the road to Victor Bay as I had been planning to do earlier in the week. One thing I love about this time of year is how the land is so transformed by the lack of snow. There is very little left in the immediate vicinity of town other than what can be found along the various nooks and crannies of the surrounding rock that the sun has difficulty getting at.

The road to Victor Bay is a pretty steep grade up over the top of the peninsula to the other side. It's always worth the effort as I've found some great views from up there.

Shortly after reaching the top of the hill I reached Dead Dog Lake.

Ah the views. I tried guessing how far away these mountains were but for some reason, in that moment, it just wasn't all that important to me.

Northern flora abounds, if you know where to look. Flowers here, while small, are incredibly hardy - and colourful.

While intending to go all the way out to Victor Bay I stopped when I reached this second, slightly larger lake. I stopped and debated whether to continue along the road or explore the area around the lake instead. At that moment, I felt my walk was mimicking life in many ways. What to do? Slowly, I turned and followed the short spur road to my left which lead me to the shore. I spent a good half hour simply wandering and taking in the tranquility.

A slight wind and the sound of the water from this small stream leading into the lake were the only sounds to be heard. A raven soared overhead, snow buntings flitted amongst the rocks - even a bumble bee flew a lazy curving flight line past me. It was so calming and such a welcome relief from what was at times a hectic work year. It was transforming. Everywhere I looked was so different now without the snow. I almost felt as if I was in a totally different place. My photos can never really do justice to what I gazed upon this morning. It was just magic.

In the end I'm glad I chose to stop at that second lake and follow off the road. You set a course, end up taking a different path and end up being rewarded in the end. Life is funny that way.


Kiggavik said...

It is a great time of the year to be wandering Darcy. Another hike you might enjoy is over the pass above the dump, and on to the canyon beyond King George.