Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay, Maybe Not

After yesterday's silliness with First Air, the thought of mailing myself really did enter my head, if briefly. I got thinking about whether this was possible. I'm sure it's highly illegal of course, and not that I'd be foolish enough to actually do it but I wondered if this was something that had really been tried before. Turns out it has. Some people had a good reason for trying it. Some people though, well, apparently they're just idiots. I can't say I'm as desperate as the former but I like to think I have a little more common sense (at least on most days) than this latter fellow. So until they develop some sort of particle transporter it looks like I'll have to grin and bare it.

In the meantime, I've written about the matter of insane airfares to my MLA and a newspaper. I intend to write First Air as well, as soon as I calm down a little more and rid my head of 4-letter words. Other than pure and simple GREED, I doubt I'll get much in the way of a straight answer.

On a more positive note however, my MLA did suggest I use him as a reference for my resume. He was an instructor for Nunavut Arctic College at one point and since I'm focusing on positions involving adult ed., I jumped at the offer. How cool is that?


Clare said...

Hi Darcy,

Just a suggestion but in addition to those letters I'd like to suggest the Prime Minister, Transport Minister, Minister for Northern Affairs, our MP, and the leaders of the opposition parties. Air Travel is a Federal responsibility. Of course I didn't get a single reply to my letter but hey, maybe you'll have better luck. You might want to try the Governor General as well. For although she has no real political clout she does seem to have an interest in the North and early on in her tenure she did say that she wanted to make it easier for Canadians to visit all of Canada.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Clare, I'll look into that and see what happens. If I can at least convince the PM to consider something other than sweater vest attire, I'll look upon it as a small victory.

On a more serious note, though, it is pretty sad that Northerners always seem to go to the feds with cup in hand for even the most basic level of services.