Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Job Search Update

As part of the on-going saga of "where am I going next year", a short update. After sending off a flurry of resumes, and having a few sporadic interviews, things had quieted down somewhat, to the point I was get a bit worried about hearing from anyone. (A couple of what I felt were strong interviews didn't lead to the hoped-for result and a couple other places I turned down simply because I didn't feel the position involved would be a good fit for me.) This afternoon though I received 3 or 4 emails confirming receipt of my resume for positions predominantly involving adult education. So the ball is rolling again. I actually have 2 interviews set up for tomorrow for an adult ed. position in Nunavut and a second one over in the Northwest Territories. I'm not so sure about the first position simply due to housing concerns. Actually, I was told last week when the lady first called me that there was no housing for this position. How that's supposed to work, I'm not exactly sure. The details were a bit vague. I can't exactly drive down to this community this weekend and walk into a house renting office of some sort. But no matter, an interview is still an opportunity and I'll still explore it.

My last line of defense is that I've decided to stick around here in town until roughly June 20-25. If by that time, I don't have a position nailed down, I will return to Ontario to see family and my significant other. I'll return to Arctic Bay mid-August and continue the search. I've also considered, as has been suggested to me by a few people, the idea of taking a few months off, perhaps a full year, to recharge the batteries. It's even been suggested I use the time to perhaps write a book.* I'm thanking myself for remembering to put my parents' phone number on my resume just in case something come up in the few weeks I'll be out of the community here.

In spite of the the few not so pleasant events this past year, I am saddened by the likely idea of leaving Arctic Bay and possibly Nunavut. I've spent over half my career here. I've seen quite a few teachers come and go in the 4 years I've spent here in Arctic Bay alone. I can only think of a handful of teachers off the top of my head that I know spent more time here in this community than me. This is the second big staff turn over I've seen in my time here and I know I reached the point where I felt that although many teachers have moved on, I was bullet-proof so to speak and could outlast pretty much anyone. In the end though, it turns out I'm quite human just like anyone else.

But, change is constant and usually it is a positive thing. If anything, I like to think I'm a pretty adaptable type of individual which will put me in good stead for my next big adventure...wherever that may lead me.

**To which I jokingly responded, "Why anyone would PAY to read my drivel when they can just suffer through it on my blog for free is beyond me."