Friday, June 26, 2009

I Wish I Had A Picture

Lisa picked me up a pair of flip flops this morning (I've been told I need to get some sun on my pasty lower legs). I've never owned a pair of flip flops before in my life, much less worn them so I'm modelling them at the moment trying to get used to them. Apparently, I walk a little funny with them (like a toddler in its mother's high heels, I've just been informed). My brain is fighting the sensation that the things will just slip right off me. So why am I sharing visions of my alluring legs with you?

Lisa's comments reminded me of something I saw in Ottawa last week shortly I got off the plane. While awaiting my luggage I stepped outside to get a sense of the new temperature. A big dog on a leash rushed past me at one point, taking a small, dark-haired woman (presumably its owner) for a walk. After a 3 hours on a plane, the pooch was just as happy to have an chance to stretch its legs as I was. The dog led her to a small grassy area. As the dog began heading for a nearby tree, I noticed it walking in a very unusual manner. I really wish I had a picture of it. Fido began walking very tentatively, stepping as though he was walking across hot coals. The impression I got was of a football player running in for a touchdown who starts high-stepping a few yards from the end zone after knowing he won't get creamed by some big line backer.

The dog's behaviour drew curious looks from a few other people than just myself. It was just a quirky moment. I've spent lots of time around dogs and I've never seen a large dog act in such a timid fashion before. Was it hurt? Full bladder? Hot Paws?? We didn't have to wait long for answer.

"He's okay," the lady said, "He's just never seen grass before."


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

You should buy some hot pink crocs instead! heheheh

Way Way Up said...

heh....lime green is more my thing.

dogsled_stacie said...

WEIRD about the dog never seeing grass!!!!!! It's like when I take one of my dogs into town, they act all weird and excited with the cars, people. OTHER DOGS, it's hilarious. But the cement streets don't seem to bother them, and we have no cement out here! LOL

Crocs are soooooo comfy!!!!! Try them, you might like them a bit better, but then your feet get a funny tan. And it's all about the tan when you're south of 60! :)

Tina said...