Friday, June 12, 2009

Bay Watch

The two pictures below are a little deceptive for two reasons. It's likely a bit difficult to tell but there is a bluish tinge to the bay. You can get a better idea of it from these recent pictures here. Anyway, it isn't open water but merely all the water that's collected on the surface of the sea ice. I'm guessing it's been forced up by the tide from underneath through cracks in the ice though I'm sure some of it is also from the spring run-off or from the upper layer of ice melting.

The second reason is that, although with the overcast sky it may appear to be all cold and gloomy, it was a rather balmy 10C according to my thermometer here at the house. I was actually sweating walking back up the hill from my morning mail run.


Allmycke said...

Only in the North can you feel that +10C is warm. I love you for it!

Way Way Up said...

LOL...Anyone coming to this post in hopes of spotting some bikini-clad lasses is going to be sorely disappointed.