Saturday, May 23, 2009

A True Case of Cranial-Rectal Inversion

I'm sure I'll get dinged for this but I truly don't care. Seems the judge that presided over the case involving my little love tapper from back in October is either totally clueless, a complete amateur or something worse. I swear this moron wasn't called to the bar....I'm convinced a bar must have struck him over the head and knocked what little sense was left in his brain into the sewer. God forbid we should actually send people to jail for breaking the law! Instead, sentence them to time served, give them probation (because we all know how effective that is) and worse, make them attend school as part of your judgement. Um, hello, judge, the incident occurred in a school. Even though school here is effectively finished, with exams having been written and marked, send him back to school. Pure genius really. I'm sure the kid won't attend anyway but that's not the point. Just exactly what kind of message is being sent here? Honestly. It must be nice to fly out of here at the end of a court session and not have to see the kid. At the moment, "sir", that's a luxury I don't have. Really, what is your deal? Are you just incompetent? Did an easy sentence just make things more convenient for you and save you some paperwork? Were you not breast-fed as a child? Or do you just not care? Honestly, I'd love to know the reasoning that went into this decision.

In the mean time, I'll offer up a little advise for you - grow some compassion and some common sense. Go back to law school seeing as you obviously need to. And finally, be careful when you sit down on your nice comfy judge's chair, because the small lump you feel jammed up next to your your brain.


Ashley, Danielle & Benjamin said...

WOW, Darcy, that is crazy. Gotta love our justice system. Was he "rehabilitated" during his time served??? Oh and so you know I love reading your blog.

Way Way Up said...

I don't think rehabilitation is very high on the priority list anymore. Ultimately though, when I think about it, this goof will likely never leave this town whereas I have the ability to live and work pretty much anywhere in Canada I like. So I am now making use of my ability.

Thanks for feedback on the blog. I plan to keep it up next school year if possible regardless of where I ultimately find myself.