Monday, May 25, 2009

A River Runs Through It

Its been quite warm here the past few days, much warmer than the "+2C" my thermometer suggests at the moment. With the rising temperatures comes the inevitable melt. I still wear toque, just out of simple force of habit, and am finding it quite hot. After many months it's a bit strange to hear the sound of rushing water. With the sun powerful enough to melt the snow but unable to put much of a dent in the underlying permafrost, it doesn't take long before the melt water runs everywhere. I've watched our sewage trucks over the last few days employed to drain off some of excess water from several large "lakes" along the roadway in an attempt to combat erosion.

Don't fall in.

Up until late last week I usually took a short cut home from work through this field. After a tough slog on Friday I decided it's time to start using the road. By comparing the picture below to this picture from last week you can see just how fast the big melt is happening.