Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Resume Writing Machine

As of late I've been a whirling dervish of resume mailing, faxing and (welcome to the 21st century Darcy) e-mailing. So far not too bad. I'm a bit rusty with interviews since I haven't really done any in about 6 years. It showed in my first interview about a week and a half ago. It wasn't too bad for a first interview I thought. It ended up that I didn't get the position but since I had big reservations about going to this community anyway, I'm not going to sweat it. There was one particular community I really thought I was a shoe in for so I have to admit to being more than just a little frustrated when that opportunity imploded on me. However, since it turns out this place may have issues with packs of dogs and my intention is to move to another community with my girlfriend and young kids, the idea of roaming dogs, even it's only one or two, doesn't sit well with me. So, no loss there as it turns out in the end.

I've sent off probably close to 40 resumes by now, a few of them to places I figure I have no chance of getting in to but the idea here was to get some interviews and get some practice doing them so that I can concentrate on the positions I really want. I should hear back on a position tomorrow but won't cry if things go sour. I really got the impression during the interview that this place wouldn't really be a good fit for me. So where DO I want to end up then? I've got a short list. A few positions I've applied for with Nunavut Arctic College here in Nunavut and Aurora College next door in the Northwest Territories have piqued my interest. There's also a junior high position along the MacKenzie River I'd love to jump into, a second junior high position in Watson Lake, Yukon and a government position in Whitehorse that could be a real opportunity down the road since it is very similar to the kind of work I've been doing the past few years, only in a much larger centre. A couple communities in Saskatchewan are in play as is a position in the Kivalliq although I suspect this may be filled internally....argh. As for teaching in the Baffin Region, I have resumes all over the island....Kimmirut or possibly Pangnirtung look the most realistic at this point although I could be way off base. Predicting where I end up is ultimately an exercise in futility since there are many forces at work in that mysterious world known as "the hiring process." Having said this though, its still fun to imagine the myriad of possibilities.