Friday, May 08, 2009

Poor Paul Watson

Paul Watson cuts such a pathetic picture sometimes and goodness knows I've shredded the shaggy-haired troglodyte on more than one occasion here on my blog. Truly, the guy must crave attention given all the crazy stunts and claims he's made over the years, from ramming ships to claiming surviving assassination attempts. All I will say though is that the man has really backed himself into a corner. Really, his ignorant views and misguided actions have put him in a position where he can't back down. The man must now continue down the warped path on which he set out many years ago. He has no choice. Backing out now would mean his actions over the past 30 years, a cause to which he has dedicated much of his life, were a complete waste of time. Rather than admit to failure, he must stick to his delusion, his opiate of the masses as the saying goes.

But hey, grow rich off the misery of others you moron. Capitalism is sucking the oceans dry, so he says. But capitalism must still work for Watson. Rather than rape the oceans of its bounty, he chooses to rape the wallets of the gullible and ignorant. I don't see how this is any more ethical.


Anonymous said...

AN ANIMAL rights organisation has asked the Oxford English Dictionary to change its definition of the word ‘fisherman’.
Normally, that gets a Yawn. PETA does more moronic stunts all the time. Kentucky Derby's coming up - how much you want to bet at some point someone will have horse blood thrown at them? No doubt they'll compare someone to Nazis. One of their cretins will light some cars on fire, and maybe rough up a few stable hands before the race. The usual. But then I saw their definitions:

Peta offered the following revised definitions of the word: l A person ignorant of, oblivious to or indifferent to the fact that he or she is inflicting pain by catching, suffocating, stabbing and gutting fish; someone who is hooked on cruelty.

Yawn. Not even creative.

l A person who “relaxes” by impaling water-dwelling animals; often a person too out of shape to participate in a real sport.

Ever see PETA people up close? They tend to be really frail. Need to eat some fat and protein! Anyhow, yawn again.

l A man looking for an excuse to wear thigh-high waders.

Oooooooh. I actually like that one. 's true. I tend to wear chest waders, myself, but it's easy enough - just say `any excuse to wear waders.` My one complaint is that it leaves women out of fishing. I think they thought that'd be more insulting that it actually is... : )


Bryan and Vikki said...

All that energy and commitment could have gone to something important like saving water quality, saving the bees or feeding the world. Something important.

Way Way Up said...

Tree - I'd love to see definitions of "animal rights activists". I'm sure there are a few good ones floating around out there.

Bryan and Vikki - I whole-heartedly agree. I suppose there is just more money to be had in his line of protesting rather than doing actual work.

Hudson Strait said...


Do you teach your students about this stuff? I've been looking for ways to teach about the seal hunt to my Grade eight Inuit students, and I remembered a post that I had read on your blog. Now that I revisit it, I see that you've really begun to take this seriously. I would love to pick your brain about how to teach these concepts to ESL students.



Way Way Up said...

Thanks James. I do my best with the resources I have. I find more and more that Watson simply opening his mouth is a good resource in itself sometimes. I don't profess to be an expert on the topic by any stretch of the imagination but feel free to drop me an email and I'll do my best to help you out.

darcysteele AT yahoo DOT ca