Friday, May 01, 2009

Please Hang Up And Try Your Call Again...and Again...and Again...and Again

So I had a job interview today in another province...well, sort of. I suppose my first clue that things would go awry should have been that instead of THEM calling ME, they wanted ME to call THEM. So, like the punctual fellow I am, I call them promptly at 1pm. It was one of those "888" numbers...for the "Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre on Kingsway" as the receptionist chirpily informed me. I patiently wait as an automated voice lists my options. I stay on the line and eventually get a human. What follows can be summarized below:

Call #1 - I am transferred to the wrong room and get some sort of answering machine. I believe it was for a travel agency by the sound of the message.

Call #2 - I am again transferred to the wrong room, only I get static and a distant voice and what I think was another answering machine.

By now, it is 10 minutes past the scheduled start of my interview. My focus is beginning to shift from the actual interview toward simply getting in touch with a person from the school board. Also, I feel a tad guilty about monopolizing my vice-principal's office. I tell my principal of my difficulties and that if I don't get this interview it's no big crisis for me. I head back to my classroom...where I am paged by the office. I return to the office. My phantom interviewers have called. They tell me they have been waiting patiently for me to call them. I explain I have already called twice but was not transferred to them for some strange reason. "Oh, what room did the receptionist put you through to? You need to tell them to put you through to the Regina Room." I think, well that would have been useful information to have told me earlier. But hey, I'm just a worker bee so what do I know? I also think that since THEY have now contacted ME that we can now start the interview. (Oh the things we think but cannot say.)

So I hang up and call again.

Call #3 - By this time I'm thinking the receptionist must think I'm some sort of creepy stalker. Perhaps she did think this because in the midst of transferring me, I get cut off.

Call #4 - I get transferred a couple of different times to different people who have no clue what I'm talking about, even though I mention the correct room I want and that I'm calling regarding a job interview. I even tell them the name of the school board and the name of the lady I'm trying to get in touch with. I dread calling again, thinking I'll have to suffer through the annoying automated voice listing my options. You know the one I'm talking about....for blah, blah, blah, push 1....for blah, blah, blah push 2 etc.. I hear a lot static and start thinking it would be a good time to push #4. Pressing 4 patches you through to the Locker Room Sports Bar. Just then, I get a real human voice who tells me the hotel is having trouble transferring phone calls. (Gee, ya think?)

So, I hang up. And, because I'm a sucker for punishment, I'm just about to make call #5 when THEY call ME. They ask me if I am having trouble getting through to them. Am I still interested in doing this interview. Naturally, I keep my professional demeanor, though inwardly I'm saying "well, I've called 4 times....of course I'm interested. But I've probably got the poor receptionist thinking I'm stalking her....also, that sports bar sounds really darn tempting by now." I ended up telling them it would be best to reschedule the appointment since by now my mind was on everything but the interview. THEY agree to call ME early next week, no doubt in order to tell ME when to call THEM for another interview. Hey, don't could happen.

My final chuckle came when I returned to my classroom and I am paged by our secretary. I picked up the transferred call. It was the receptionist from the hotel, the same one I've now talked to 3-4 times in the past half hour. Apparently, my fears of her thinking I was a freaky stalker are unfounded. She is calling to ask me if my phone call had been transferred through successfully.



Kennie said...

Wow - I sure as hell did not have that issue .. did you not ask for Megan or Jason and tell them that you need to be connected to the LRRB conference room? Worked fine for me. Or did they forget to tell you to ask for Megan or Jason (the conference and events managers)

Way Way Up said...


Ashley, Danielle & Benjamin said...

OMG what a gong show. I am confused as to why they would not conduct the interview when they had you on the phone?? Good luck with the call backs :)

Bonnieupnorth said...

Oh Darcy...what a runaround :(...but of course we all know you are a secret stalker, especially since you are sitting in the principal's office! hope the next one goes better!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a gong show!!

Kiggavik said...

The operator wasn't Lily Tomlin's Ernestine was it? "Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

At least you'll get the checkmark in the "Persistence" column.

That is the chicken said...

write this up and send it into CBC! It would make a great radio segment!
I hope your other interviews go more smoothly!

Way Way Up said...

Thankfully, I had another much less stressful and potentially much more fruitful interview with a principal later in the day.