Sunday, May 24, 2009

On A More Positive Note...

...the interviews are starting to come fast and furious. I've applied to quite a few positions all over the North really. The only real qualification is housing which has to be sufficient for a small family, but other than that qualification, the sky's the limit. I've done a couple interviews within Nunavut so I'll see how things turn out. Ideally, as far as staying in Nunavut goes, I'd love to get into Iqaluit. Guess I'll see how things go. As the largest community by far in the Eastern Arctic, that's where a lot of people want to go. I know a few teachers who have put in time in the smaller communities before ending up with a position in Iqaluit so hopefully my number is up.

I also have an interview lined up for Saskatchewan late next week. I made a small goof by not putting my school's phone number on my resume. Most of my interviews so far have taken place at home although this one will be done at work. So I had to fire off a quick email yesterday to the superintendent who called me to tell her the school's number. But my little goof did give me an opportunity to do some brown nosing. Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan really is a beautiful little community and I told her as much in our conversation. This interview also marks the first time I will be interviewed for a position in a community I've already been to. I'll take it as a good omen. In the event that I wound up there it would mean I've pretty much gone full circle since before moving to Nunavut in 2003, I taught in La Loche, just a little bit further up the highway from Buffalo Narrows.

As far as heading back to the Northwest Territories, hmmmm. I haven't seen too many ads come up that are of interest to me. I only really one horse in the race here, although I like to think my chances are pretty good. Certainly no worse than anyone else's. As for Yukon, I still have a couple potential options in play. Gut feeling at this point though is that I'll end up teaching somewhere out West for sure....just not as far West as Yukon. I suppose that sounds pretty vague. Ah well, if I haven't put you to sleep yet with my little ramble, thanks for indulging me. I needed something to focus my attention on as of late.

Rest assured, I plan to keep this blog going in the new school year if at all possible and I look forward to all the changes ahead.