Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh My God! The Europeans Are Offended!

When I first heard that the Governor-General would be making a tour through Northern Canada, I have to admit I was pretty impressed. Not that I'm a particular fan of the office of Governor-General but rather that this seems part of a growing trend where the North is actually acknowledged by the rest of Canada as actually existing. As a kid, I was totally ignorant of the North. It never made the news. It was like it didn't even exist.

And generally, it seems the GG has been well received by the country's Northern residents from what I've been able to gather. Apparently, according to this CBC article, not everyone is pleased. Yep, once again its the seal issue. Once again, its seems our clueless European neighbors across the pond are moaning over their meat. How Typical.

And its not like the media is helping. Never mind the fact that the GG is also there to advocate for, among other things, the creation of an arctic university. (Canada is the only Arctic nation lacking one I might add.) No, no, focus attention on the simple act of eating a piece of seal meat. Throw in words like "blood lust" and "slash". Another news item I read paid particular reference to the fact that the GG wiped her bloody fingers after cutting off a piece of seal. How juvenile really. It's not like the woman killed the animal herself. Let's tone down the rhetoric shall we?

Oh man, those barbaric Germans are all a bunch of Nazis! The French are bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Italians are all a bunch of hairy folk secretly in love with their local Catholic priest. In fact, there goes little Giovanni right now. Don't even start to get me going about the Polish. Of course all these statements are ignorant, inaccurate and just plain wrong. But for some reason, animal rights' activists have no qualms about spouting off about how Canadians are are neanderthals (or worse).

The sharing of food is common among all cultures of the world. But because some European is offended, my god, put it in the newspaper. I should add too, that the word "slash" in reference to cutting seal, is highly inappropriate and misplaced. I've eaten seal both cooked and uncooked and had often had to cut it. At no point, did I feel the need to "slash". The meat comes apart quite easy. Anyone who has ever eaten seal before would know this. Its just common sense.

Perhaps Europeans should spend less time being offended and expend some energy trying to understand how the world works. If they didn't get offended so easily perhaps we could have avoided all those ugly wars in the past that they sucked us all into. I really don't think the Europeans are standing on any moral high ground when they act all offended and "hoity-toity". Its really quite pathetic really. Oh my god, the Europeans are offended! Well, la-di-da! I guess I can only expect as much from them. After all, when you have 500 years of dictating to the indigenous peoples of the world how to live their lives, I suppose old habits just die hard.


firemama said...

Hmmmm..... when I was travelling through Europe there were horsemeat butcher shops everywhere.

It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Ask these people who criticize to spend a year up north with the indigenous people. Ha! They wouldn't survive a week.

Bonnieupnorth said...

Darcy, I knew this could pass without your comment...looks like PW is also at it according a local little paper here in did state both sides though. I tried seal stew for the first time last winter and with some salt and pepper was delicious. Many cultures eat with their fingers alone and in a communal setting offer to the elders first e.g. Ethiopian. It is a shame the press has to pick up this one aspect.

BTW Cindy has some great shots of the dog sled ride the GG's daughter took on her blog.

Way Way Up said...

I did see her pictures Bonnie....thanks.

Aida said...

i was impressed too GG tried seal meat. I've not had any yet, still working my way to that.