Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh God! Where Do I Even Start With This?

Apparently dancing, music, and hand holding are corrupting our youth. I saw story on tv and then read a couple on-line articles. Several minutes have now passed to give me some time to digest it all and I have to admit I'm still rolling my eyes. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or groan. It's just wrong on so many levels. I wonder if the principal involved here appreciates the irony that it is usually the right-wing religious zealots griping about how schools (and all manner of institutions) are over-stepping their bounds and involving themselves in issues that should be left up the parents.

And speaking of the principal, seriously buddy, the rumours about educators being bland personalities as parodied on shows like The Simpsons, are out're not helping. This guy must have a pretty lifeless marriage if he doesn't believe in simple hand-holding. Grief!

On a more serious not though, grow a brain you moron. Supposedly you're an educator. Give the kids involved here SOME credit. Not all 17-year-old males turn into thugs the moment they see a skirt. Don't think of all females as a bunch of low-cut dress-wearing floosies bent only on distracting young males. I'm not sure what pulpit this self-righteous school administrator is hiding behind but I think there are much more important issues in the world that merit attention.


firemama said...

oh my goodness.. that's funny... send the guy a copy of the movie Footloose..... see what he thinks....

Anonymous said...

What is this world coming down to?