Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Silliness From Paul Watson

Given the recent non-news event involving Governor-General Michaelle Jean eating seal meat, I figured it was only a matter of time before my favorite moron weighed in on the issue. Just see here and here if you can stomach it. In typical idiot fashion, Watson ignores facts and instead concentrates on a character assassination. And yet, whales are dying on a beach right now and we see no sign of the guy. Now you would think "Captain" Crunch would be down there right now on that South African beach defending and helping the sea life he so passionately if misguidedly writes about. And yet, there seems to be no hint of the man. I wonder why.

Come on Paul, please. Why must you constantly fail? Animals need you RIGHT NOW and yet you are failing them. Rather than helping you sit back in front of a computer screen and launch an attack on my country's Head of State. The sea life of this planet deserves better than this, don't you think?

Or is it just much easier and convenient for you to hurl your hateful, vindictive tripe after the fact?

No. I'm sure that can't be it.


fireweedroots said...

Good Grief! Is there really no way of shutting him up? I tried reading what he has written, but just couldn't finish it...

Way Way Up said...

Don't feel bad. I barely made it myself. You didn't miss anything substantive.

UnkleB said...

CAPE TOWN -- Authorities shot dozens of exhausted whales that beached on a shore near South Africa's storm-lashed southern tip yesterday amid scenes of grief and despair from volunteers who had tried to save them.

Fifty-five false killer whales washed up on the shores of Kommitjie in the early morning, prompting a massive all-day rescue effort. Hundreds of locals wearing wet suits or shorts braved high winds and rough waves to try to push the massive mammals from knee-deep water back into the sea.

To no avail.

"I feel quite sad, but it is the right thing to do," Nan Rice, of the Dolphin Action and Protection Group, said of shooting the whales in the head.

One woman suffered suspected fractured ribs after being pinned between a whale and rocks. A number of volunteers had to be rescued from the surf while trying to swim the whales beyond the breaking waves.

Cape Town authorities brought in six bulldozers to try to move the whales, which were about three metres long. But the whales kept swimming back to shore and became increasingly stressed.

Scientists then decided there was no alternative but to kill about 35 whales to prevent further suffering. A further 10 died of stress. And it was feared that the whales that did escape were too exhausted to survive.

TV footage of the scenes on the desolate beach was interspersed by the sound of gunshots. "One shot, one whale. Another shot, another whale," the commentator said.

Police desperately tried to clear the beach of dozens of families who had flocked to the shores in hope of a happy ending that turned nightmarish. Authorities were urging those who had children to seek trauma counselling.

Come on paul where were you????
What about those Euro Morons? where is the outrage?
I will wait patiently for you paul to tell me why you were not there to protect the whales. I suppose now there will be a boycott of South Africa.