Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Look At This From A Different Perspective

Here's an interesting little cartoon from the National Post I happened across courtesy of the blog Stage Left. For anyone who finds humor in this, I have a question - Would you consider this funny if the Governor-General had just returned from a cultural event or traditional feast in Vancouver's Chinatown?

Perhaps PETA bimbo Pamela Anderson, whose intellect is inversely proportional to her bust size, does.


Russell Potter said...

I agree that this cartoon is in very poor "taste," and your comment is "spot" on.

It does remind me, though of a story I heard once in Gjoa Haven about a man who, walking on the edge of town looking for a missing dog, spotted a neighbor with a new pair of fur pants. "Hey, that's my dog!" he said.

(I'm sure you know this, but I'll mention for other readers that, given the expense and scarcity of polar bear fur, which in many regions used to be the traditional material for fur pants, dog fur is often used).

indigo said...