Friday, May 15, 2009

Hungarian Highlights - Part 20 (Budapest)

Link to Part 19

Hungarian Parliament

Chain Bridge spanning the Danube River

St. Stephen Basilica

The Terror House - former headquarters of the Hungarian secret police, now a haunting museum

18 700 Hungarian forints worth approximately $100 Canadian.

The remains of a Roman amphitheatre along the right bank of the Danube. There was a military amphitheatre a few kilometres further upstream but I was not able to get out to it.

A large fountain on Margit Island in the middle of the Danube. Not the best picture but since there were a lot of locals sunbathing (in various stages of undress) in the area, it took me a long time just to get this shot. I tried for a wider view but didn't relish the prospect of being chased the length of the island by a bunch of angry naked people.