Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fishing Derby

The May long weekend marks the start of a major cultural and social event here as the town clears out for the annual fishing derby. Long lines of skidoos and qamutiik head out down Admiralty Inlet to one of several fishing lakes. One particularly popular place is Ikpikittuarjuk, roughly 6-7 hours south of town depending on how fast you're traveling and how many times you stop for a "mug up". Some people will venture even further south (a good 10-12 hour haul from what I've been told) to a string of lakes well known for their char. One such spot is Kugarjuk which I heard all about today by one of my students who was very keen to get out there. Unfortunately for me, other preoccupations will keep me in town, though I do plan to make the short stroll up to Dead Dog Lake as I did last year for a look see. In the meantime here are a few pictures from my trip down to Ikpikittuarjuk from about 3 years ago.


Ashley, Danielle & Benjamin said...

All I can think of is " Na na na na na na na na Fishin". WOW it has been 8 years since those fishing trips out to Salt River.

Way Way Up said...

Ah the good old days!