Tuesday, May 05, 2009

European Union Votes To Ban Import Of Seal Products

I guess if you have a been imposing your will on the indigenous peoples of the world for centuries, habits get a little hard to break. Let's not kid ourselves, the exemption offered to Inuit from Canada and Greenland means nothing. Anyone who thinks otherwise has wandered Amsterdam's "red light" district too many times...puff....puff. I found it amusing that the EU Parliamentarian interviewed this morning on CBC was in Strasbourg, right across the river from Germany, where they apparently they are very good at telling the difference between racial groups.

No Europe trip this year.


Anonymous said...

You're boycotting Europe??? You think they'll mind much??
Are you also suggesting that all Germans are Nazis???

Way Way Up said...

Not all Europe. I love Switzerland which also happens to have the good sense to snub the EU and their silly policies.

No, not all Germans are or were Nazis of course. But some were. And as history shows, a small number of people are still capable of wreaking a great deal of havoc.

jen said...

Danish people proudly wear seal. Also Germany and Germans are awesome. Don't boycott Europe, it's still an awesome place. :) You know you can't resist going.

Kiggavik said...

You might be on to something Darcy, something an organization like NTI might perhaps want to take up.

While they might not care much as Anonymous suggested, that YOU don't go, they might pay attention if YOU and the rest of Canada do not visit.

I'm trying to see just how many Canadian Dollars are spent in EU countries, so far without luck. I do not that 4% of the EU countries GDP comes from tourism. Canada is listed amongst the top visiting countries and after Europe (at 88%) the Americas send the most visitors to the EU (6%).

Bryan and Vikki said...

The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is a multinationale corp. with 43 million per year Budget world wide. It's application to the World Conservation Union (IUCN...This is the world's most important conservation organization) was rejected once again last fall. The IFAW workers are maintaining their LARGE wages by hurting small individuals tring to get by. It is shameful. I would love to own a pair of sealskin mittens.